SCJP/OCPJP Certification

SCJP - Sun Certified Java Programmer is one of the basic certifications in the Java Programming universe. Any java programmer who wishes to establish the fact that he is knowledgeable in Java, can take up this certification and prove the fact that he knows the basics right.

After the Oracle Corp acquire the Sun Microsystems group, the certification has been renamed as Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer or OCPJP.

Below is an Index of the list of chapters that are covered in my blog as part of the SCJP/OCPJP Certification series. The Syllabus is correct at the time of this writing when the certification was still called SCJP. If you want me to cover any newer topics added to the examination syllabus, please leave a comment so that I can add it to the list.

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to SCJP Certification
2. Refreshing Java

Section 1: Basic Java Concepts:

3. Declarations
4. Declaring Enums
5. Access Modifiers
6. Non Access Modifiers
7. Review - Section 1
8. Self Test - Section 1

Section 2: Object Orientation:

9. Encapsulation
10. Inheritance
11. Polymorphism

Section 3: Creating Objects, Casting & Other Concepts:

12. Reference Variable Casting
13. Implementing an Interface
14. Return Types
15. Constructors
16. Static
17. Coupling & Cohesion
18. Review - Sections 2 & 3
19. Self Test - Sections 2 & 3

Section 4: JVM Related Topics:

20. Stacks & Heap
21. Garbage Collection

Section 5: Variables - Assignment & Usage:

22. Literals, Assignments & Variables
23. Passing Variables to Methods
24. Arrays
25. Wrapper Classes
26. Overloading - Revisited
27. Review - Sections 4 & 5
28. Self Test - Sections 4 & 5

Section 6: Operators:

29. Assignment Operators
30. Relational Operators
31. InstanceOf Operator
32. Arithmetic Operators
33. Logical Operators
34. Review - Section 6
35. Self Test - Section 6

Section 7: Control Flow Statements & Loops

36. If and Switch Statements
37. Loops & Iterators

Section 8: Exception Management

38. Exception Handling
39. Common Exceptions & Errors
40. Assertions
41. Review - Sections 7 & 8
42. Self Test - Sections 7 & 8

Section 9: Strings

43. Strings
44. StringBuffer and StringBuilder

Section 10: File Navigation

45. File Navigation & I/O

Section 11: Serialization

46. Serialization

Section 12: Formatting Data

47. Using Dates, Numbers & Calendars
48. Searching, Parsing & Tokenizing
49. Review - Sections 9, 10, 11 & 12
50. Self Test - Sections 9, 10, 11 & 12

Section 13: Collections

51. Overriding toString, hashCode and equals Methods
52. Introduction to Collections
53. ArrayList Basics
54. Sorting Collections
55. Searching Collections
56. Converting Arrays to Lists & Vice Versa
57. Using Lists
58. Using Sets
59. Using Maps
60. Searching TreeSets and TreeMaps
61. Backed Collections
62. Priority Queue
63. Methods Overview for Collections
64. Generics
65. Review - Section 13
66. Self Test - Section 13

Section 14: Inner Classes

67. Introduction to Inner Classes
68. Method Local Inner Classes
69. Anonymous Inner Classes
70. Static Inner Classes
71. Review - Section 14
72. Self test - Section 14

Section 15: Threads

73. Introduction to Threads & Multi-threading
74. Thread States & Transitions
75. Preventing Thread Execution
76. Thread Priorities
77. Synchronization
78. Thread Communication & Interaction
79. Review - Section 15
80. Self Test - Section 15

Section 16: Wrapping Up

81. Other Topics of Importance
82. Some Last Words

You can also try the exam simulator below to practice for your exam

SCJP 6 Exam Simulator 728X90

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  1. Hi,
    this Is amogh
    i have just started preparation of ocpjp/scjp.
    Found your blog on
    and just bookmark your blog.
    In this blog you have enclosed
    a little bit lengthy process all over
    bit confused about preparation
    need sugessions.

    All though i am new to java i am little bit in hurry to get certification from oracle(formerly sun).
    I have 40 days in my hand is this time period is enough for the preparation?
    Pls make reply for my questions
    waiting for your reply
    N.Amogh Hemanth Reddy

  2. Hi Amogh,
    40 days is more than sufficient to prepare for the exam. However, that is only possible if you have a decent hands on experience in the java language (atleast 6 months of programming exp)

    Best wishes


  3. plz somebody give me full details of ocjp exam i hav no idea abt this ... i m doing mca nd i m in 5th sem i hav 2 get this certification ... plz help

    1. Shivangi,
      OCJP is the same as SCJP. After Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, they renamed SCJP to OCJP that is all.

      The syllabus is the same. So, if you prepare for this exam, whatever is covered in this blog should be sufficient.

      Best wishes


  4. I would just like to thank you on all the posts you have written about the Java language. Currently I have no intention yet on taking a OCPJP exam but I do find your topics on the SCJP Certification very intriguing and helpful.

    So thank you once more and I do hope you keep on writing more posts in the near future about Java.

    Kind regards,


  5. when the scjp certification exam is conduct...can u tell me the month the exam is conducted..

  6. Ohhhhhhh... After struggling 1 Year.. Finally I found good explanation for java..
    In good Way...

    Thanks Buddy..


  7. wats the fees to be paid for appearing for ocjp exam and wats the procedure of application

    1. Fees is something that changes from country to country and is revised regularly.

      You need to visit a prometric center or visit their website to apply for the exam. While you apply, details of the cost of the exam in your local currency will also be shared with you.


  8. Hi Anand,
    Do we have a post about java annotations, if so kindly provide me the link.

  9. Hello,
    whlie I am clicking on Ch.2 own wards it gives me page not found error

    1. Hi,
      The links are fine. I can open them. Can you check your internet connection or browser?



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