Java/J2EE Interview Questions With Answers

Java is a widely used technology for creating enterprise class applications for businesses. Because of this, there is a huge demand for programmers who are strong in Java/J2EE Technologies. The Following are some Questions that can help you prepare to face a Technical Interview. If you are senior resource of your team and are asked to interview and select members for your team, these questions can give you a fair idea of the type of questions you can ask during a Technical Interview.

J2EE Questions:

1. JSP Interview Questions
2. Servlet Interview Questions
3. Session Interview Questions
4. J2EE Interview Questions
5. J2EE Design Patterns
6. Hibernate Interview Questions
7. Spring & Interview Questions
8. Struts Interview Questions
9. Servlet Interview Questions - Part II

Java Interview Questions:

1. Questions on Exception Handling
2. Questions on Collections
3. Questions on Threads
4. Questions on Objects
5. Questions on Garbage Collection
6. Questions on Serialization
7. Questions on Strings
8. Questions on Classes & Interfaces
9. Questions on AWT
10. Other Core Java Questions - Part 1
11. Other Core Java Questions - Part 2
12. Questions on Collections - Part 2

Java Database Connectivity:

1. JDBC Interview Questions - Part 1
2. JDBC Interview Questions - Part 2


  1. Hi, Can you add interview questions on JSF as well?

    I like your blog very much. Infact I have referred your blog every time I prepare for an interview. It helped me a lot.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Personally I have not used JSF and have very little knowledge about it. I can try to search the net and shortlist a few questions but that wont be original and I cant just copy stuff from others hard work.

      Sorry about it man. If there is any other technical area you want do let me know and I am aware of the same I will be more than happy to help.


  2. Hi,
    thanks for your blog. I would like to ask you, on what could the interview be, for a 5 year experienced java professional, with j2ee and webservices knowledge. Appreciate your response.


    1. Meghna - Interview is a complicated process and in most cases the questions test your basic knowledge of java, j2ee and any other relevant technologies you might know. In some cases, the questions might also include areas that the person is expected to know based on which team/project they are going to join.

      As you have 5 years exp, you will be expected to have a good understanding of how you can design a strong system that is scalable as well as performs well.

      Best of luck


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