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Chapter 59: Study and Exam Preparation Tips

This chapter is not something that you need to memorize but, from the exam point of view, this is a pretty important chapter. We will be covering some tips and tricks that can help you prepare better for the exam and get certified successfully.

Another good news is, we have already covered all you need to know to pass the SCWCD Exam. This is going to be the last chapter in this series (Of course, there are some sample exam questions that you can use to test your understanding of the topics).

So, lets get started!!!

Study Tips

• Don't just blindly memorize the stuff related to the exam
• Read them slowly and try to understand how every item works and what the purpose of each entity is
• Writing Code and Running them in your local computer is the best way to understand many of the concepts
• There is a lot of example code. Try deploying them onto your computer and test out the results. This would do wonders when compared to just monotonously reading articles.
• Finally, Study only when you are alert, reduce or avoid distractions as much as possible and take breaks when you become fatigued

Pre-Testing Yourself

Every Section in this series has some sample questions. Test your knowledge of the topics by answering them. Don't lose heart if you are unable to answer them all right. Nobody is perfect. Just re-visit the chapters, read them again and re-take the test.
• Most importantly, there are going to be 3 sets of Mock Exam Questions after this chapter. Time your Mock Exam and evaluate yourself. Note down your scores. Your scores in the mock exam will give you a fair idea of how well prepared you are for the exam and it will also help you identify pain-points that you may have to review/re-study to master.

During the Exam Session

Following are some general tips that are applicable to anyone who is taking any exam and it applies to us for the SCWCD Exam too.

• Take a deep breath and try to relax when you first sit down for your exam session. It is important to control the pressure you might (naturally) feel when taking exams.
• You will be provided with scratch paper. Take a moment to write down any factual information and technical detail that you committed to short-term memory.
• Carefully read all information and instruction screens. These displays have been put together to give you information that is relevant to the exam you are taking.
• Read the exam questions carefully. Reread each question to identify all relevant details. Do not rush.
• Tackle the questions in the order they are presented. Skipping around will not build your confidence and most importantly it wastes time
• If you are unable to answer a question after 60 seconds, just move on to the next one. Don't waste too much time on any particular question.
• If session time remains after you have completed all questions, review your answers. Pay particular attention to questions that seem to have a lot of detail or that involve code analysis.
• As for changing your answers, the general rule of thumb here is don't change them. In most cases, a perfectly right answer might seem incorrect in the last few minutes when you review the answer. Avoid such impulsive changes. However, if an answer seems a definite incorrect answer, don't hesitate, just go ahead and choose the one you feel is right.

Last but not the least, All the very best and do well.

And – do come back and leave a comment on my blog once you clear the exam and get certified!!!

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  1. There's a rule - you have to make decision on an answer in the first minute - if you wait for a longer time, the chance for a mistake is huge.


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