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Chapter 58: Design Patterns Beyond the SCWCD Exam

Design Patterns is a very big subject and we could just go on and on and on about them. The good news is that, the SCWCD exam covers only 5 design patterns which we have already seen. So, if you want you can conveniently ignore this chapter. But, I strongly urge you to read it, not to memorize but to improve your understanding of design patterns.

So, lets get started!!!

Other Design Patterns:

There are numerous other design patterns that are in use in the programming world. They are categorized into various types based on their purpose. Let us take a look at their categories and names.

1. Architectural Patterns
      a. Decorator Pattern
      b. Front Controller
      c. Model View Controller
2. Advanced Architectural Patterns
      a. Composite View Pattern
      b. Service to Worker Pattern
      c. View Helper Pattern
3. Scalability Patterns
      a. Asynchronous Page Pattern
      b. Caching Filter Pattern
      c. Resource Pool Pattern
4. Business Tier Patterns
      a. Entity Facade Pattern
5. Data Transfer Patterns
      a. Data Transfer Hash Pattern
      b. Data Transfer Object (DTO) Pattern
      c. Row Set DTO Pattern
6. Database Patterns
      a. DAO Factory
      b. Data Access Object (DAO) Pattern
      c. Lazy Load Pattern
      d. Procedure Access Object Pattern
      e. Serialized Entity Pattern
      f. Table Inheritance Pattern
      g. Tuple Table Pattern
7. Business Tier Interface Patterns
      a. Business Delegate Pattern
      b. Business Delegate Factory
      c. Service Adapter Pattern
      d. Service Locator Pattern
      e. Session Facade Pattern
8. Concurrency Patterns
      a. ACID Transaction Pattern
      b. Lockable Object Pattern
      c. Lock Manager Pattern
      d. Optimistic Concurrency Pattern
      e. Pessimistic Concurrency Pattern
      f. Transactional Context Pattern
      g. Version Number Pattern

As you can see, there are numerous other patterns in use and to be honest, this list is not exhaustive. This is purely a FYI kind of chapter. Whatever you need to know about design patterns was already covered in the previous chapters, and this chapter is just to tell you that, those 5 are just a drop in the ocean and not the whole thing.

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