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Some Last Words Before you take the SCJP Exam

Thank you for coming this far in the SCJP exam series in my blog. If you have read through and understood the articles in the SCJP exam series, you are now well equipped to crack the SCJP exam. Let me sign-off on this SCJP exam series with a few last words.

So, as usual, lets get started!!!

What This Series Is Not

This series of blog articles is not a beginners guide or a definitive guide to the Java programming language. The articles are written under the assumption that you are someone who knows a little bit of Java and are someone who aims at becoming SCJP certified. This is not the Java Complete reference and there are many advanced topics like RMI (Remote Method Invocation), JDBC (Database Connectivity) etc that we havent covered because, they arent on the exam.

Some Tips

Once you have completed reading all the chapters in this SCJP series, I suggest you do the following:
a. Re-visit all the quick review chapters and go through all the important points about the topics we have covered
b. Re-read all the Exam Tips that are present as Quotes in each chapter and remember them
c. Have someone quiz you with random questions from the self-test chapters
d. Re-visit the self-test chapters and try to answer all the questions (Without checking the answers) (I know you are mumbling Of Course pal, I know that. But still, it is my duty isnt it?)
e. Write java code and I mean lots of it. Coding is the best way to learn the language and nothing can beat it.

The Last Exam Tip:

It is a good practice to review all your answers once you are done answering the questions. It is also important that, you do not change your answers during the review, unless you know that your answer is wrong for sure. Only change an answer when you feel you may have misread or misinterpreted the question the first time. Nervousness may make you second-guess every answer and talk yourself out of a correct one.

Tips on Cracking the Exam

There are 72 questions on the 310-065 (SCJP Java 6) exam. You will need to get at least 47 of them correct to pass—around 65%. You are given over three hours to complete the exam. This information is subject to change. Always check with the Sun official website before taking the exam, at

Some More Tips:

a. You can answer questions in any order. So if you feel you arent able to answer a question, don't waste too much time on that question, just move on to the next one and you can come back and answer this bad boy later
b. Be careful & cautious on the code examples. Check for syntax errors first: count curly braces, semicolons, and parenthesis and then make sure there are as many left ones as right ones. Look for capitalization errors and other such syntax problems before trying to figure out what the code does.
c. The code may look almost fine and you may be tempted to choose an answer as the possible output, but the code might be missing a closing paranthesis which means it wouldn't compile and you would miss a easy no-brainer in your hurry to answer the question

Well, thank you again for being a patron of my articles and I sincerely hope they were useful and you pass the SCJP exam with flying colors.

All the very best.

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