Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sun Certified Java Programmer – SCJP

Java is a very powerful language and is being used by many programmers around the world (including me) to develop enterprise applications. The base of the whole J2EE Universe is plain old Java. Java is one of the most powerful object oriented programming languages ever created (Though some people using other languages might disagree) With so many people who know java available in the job market, an employer would like to know how knowledgeable his prospective employee is in the language. In such cases a certification from the company that created the language would be very useful indeed.

Sun Certified Java Programmer or SCJP is the most fundamental certification for Java Programmers. The purpose of the following series of chapters is to help programmers who aspire of becoming a Sun Certified Java Programmer succeed in their goal.

Assumption: This series is written with the assumption that anyone who wishes to take up this exam would have the basic fundamental knowledge of the Java Programming language. We do not begin with what is Java or how to write a class. It is assumed that you know what java is and know how to write, compile and execute a Java program.

Next Article: Chapter 1 – Refreshing Java

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