Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chapter 1: Refreshing Java

We begin our quest of the Java Programmer certification with refreshing what we know about java.
• Java is one of the most popular programming languages
• It can be used to create stand-alone or enterprise class applications
• It is an object oriented programming language

Some of the key terms we may be using throughout this series are:

• Class - A Class is a Template that describes the kinds of state and behavior that objects of its type support
• Object – Objects get created at runtime. At runtime, when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) encounters the new keyword, it will use the appropriate class to make an object which is an instance of that class. That object will have its own state, and access to all of the behaviors defined by its class.
• Methods – These are pieces of code surrounded by a pair of flower braces “{}” and containing a name. They may or may not take arguments. These arguments would be used by the method for its processing
• JVM – Java Virtual Machine – This can be considered the system in which all the java program code you write will get executed
• Keyword – A keyword is nothing but a word in English but one that has a specific meaning in the java programming language. It can be considered similar to a command that instructs the JVM to perform a certain action. For Ex: the new keyword tells the JVM to create an object of the class on whom the action is performed
• JDK – Java Development Kit – This is the piece of software that needs to be installed in your computer if you want to run Java programs
• Interface – An Interface can be considered similar to a skeleton that defines a broad type pattern that must be adopted by all its children.

If you are unable to understand any of the keywords, don’t worry they will be taken up in detail when we go through further articles in this SCJP Series.

Lets get down to business. Click on the Next Article Link to read the next article in this SCJP Series.

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